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Macro Monday ~ What is the meaning of grasshoppers?

I managed to make this macro during my vacation at sea. The grasshopper came to cool on my laundry. I was surprised she didn’t run away as I approached. The grasshopper is a long, thin insect – usually green, gray or brown – with large hind legs that help it jump high. While it’s true that they are winged, not everyone has a good year. Instead, they use wings to gain more momentum from the jump. Their color will depend on the vegetation around the species. The ability to conceal, protects them from predators and allows them to hunt. The grasshopper is a good omen, so it brings with it joy and prosperity. This theory comes from Eastern mythology, especially from Japan.

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  1. Well, it is a beautiful creature, I understand that the last emperor of China was called “Grasshopper” and he was supposed to turned into a Grasshopper.
    Nice weekend, well, another few dramas, the 100 day coughing virus and my husband is in Auckland hospital, and I have nearly got phneumonia but not quite. My husband does have pneumonia or had it.
    I am taking anti biotics not in the best of health but it will work its course as most of these viruses do.

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