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Macro Monday! – The whimsical beauty

For this Monday, I chose this cyclamen in pink and white.

Winter is coming to an end and hyacinths and freesias have appeared in stores. Before we fill our homes with spring flowers, let us remember the exquisite beauty of the cycles we are used to seeing in flower shops during the winter season.

You may have been surprised by the delicate colors that adorned the exterior windows of homes in Northern Italy in December.

However, we can grow a cyclamen in our home if we comply with several conditions:

 cyclamen is a plant of the short day, so autumn and winter are its active periods;

 the plant likes to be in the cold, that is, the north exposure (maybe east) and the temperature of 10-15 degrees are his favorite;

 Watering almost daily until it blooms, but only in the pan;

 throughout the winter, it is necessary to feed with liquid fertilizer (phosphorus) at each watering;

 when the plant blooms in spring and its leaves turn yellow, it is a sign to stop fertilizing and watering;

 it is advisable to move the pot to a darker place or to a very dense shade;

 When they drop all the leaves, the cyclamen can be transplanted into a new pot, making sure 1/3 of the tuber is above the soil – the transplanting is done by the peat-soil mixture by June at the latest;

Ме We leave the plant to rest in the summer, but occasionally water it a little.

If we can follow these simple rules, the new Cyclamen petals should appear by the end of August or September.

When this happens, we simply move the pot to her previous favorite place and wait for the first colors that will illuminate with the delicate beauty of the dark winter days.


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