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Macro Monday ~ Sunflower is light, warmth, abundance and happiness

It rained here all day so I decided to look at the sun in a “different” form.

No other plant can laugh and turn its head and face to the sun as beautifully as the popular sunflower. The sight of a yellow flowering field of sunflowers invigorates our souls, although the mythological story of its origin and the name of the sunflower is sad. Young Clytia, a water nymph, was in love with Apollo, the sun god, staring at him all the time to see her. But Apollo did not notice her. When Clytia realized that her love was hopeless, she had neither eaten nor drank for nine days, sadly just staring up. She took pity on the gods, they turned her into a sunflower, which still accompanies the loved one with her gaze to this day.

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