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“Love Yourself” a poem I composed


When you are left alone to fend for yourself,

When those that you cared for put you on a shelf,

The best of the best comes out of you

Your life gets a hue totally new

Your limbs become stronger, your mind alert

You no longer worry; you can handle the hurt

The artist in you comes to the fore,

You can write and paint as never before

you choose to discard what bears you down

And pick only that which  takes away your frown

Life is great you happen to find

It’s  easy to relax and truly unwind

The dark clouds that were there are there no more

Its peace and quiet that touches your core

It’s your time to do whatever you please

Giving your life a renewed lease

He will be there  when others flee

He is your support  He helps you with glee

He walks with you through thick and thin

He is there inside you just look within.

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