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Love is the most important feeling

Last evening, my neighbor visited together with her two cats. We sat on the terrace with a coffee, and her cats laid down next to our feet. Talking I monitored them. They turned over just every few seconds like playing with each other.

Because of those ever-changing postures, I have a theory: Cats are reincarnated geishas that are designed to improve various postures of rest, sleep, relaxation, or just life and to show them to their master human being that he forever would “lose his head” of their beauty, affection, and maybe learn forever zen-meow wisdom of relaxation. They are like saying that everything will be fine in the finale, peace, and love.

I watched these cats for some time. During that time, they were able to kiss, lick each other’s ears and paws, then get angry so that even fluff and buzz flew in all directions, and then again laid down in beautiful poses, cuddle up, and fell asleep.

What lesson? Not to accumulate emotions, both love and anger – it is necessary to reveal them, release them, but in the finals, love must still prevail.

I wish this to all – to remain zen in all situations of life, and even in the midst of being angry, remember that after all, love is the most important thing.

I did not take a photo so posted another one. This one is a homeless cat. 

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