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Love & Compassion ~ Color Crazy Green

Green is air, and it is our heart and lungs. Green is the center of all subtle feelings such as love & compassion. Green is the life and place where life is.

We all must have read about the meaning of color, color psychology, the specificity of colors for cultures throughout the world, or also maybe the seven chakras in humans that are in harmony with rainbows, and green is one of them.

Ann Hartley said that the stuff that makes green plants more like human blood than any other stuff.

In her post, Ileana Calotescu wrote; Green color is a symbol of determination. If a person loves this color, it means she is ambitious, courageous, hard-working, but often stubborn. Once she puts her head to something, nobody and nothing can stop her! Moreover, the lover of green color is not afraid of expressions and will always have the last word in a discussion.

On behalf of Green, I dedicate this painting to the Color Crazy Challenge so that we always keep the green beauty at the center of ourselves.

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    Do you believe that color affects us in any way and meaning?

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    Do you believe that our body has aura with various colors?

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  1. I wonder is liking a specific kind of green means the same. Emerald green is my favorite, I like hunter green as well. I will have to research this information. Colors interest me the same as studying rocks. One of my favorite post of yours. A***************************

  2. Lol, I associate green with cuckold …
    there is a chinese saying of “Lv Mao” (which means cuckolded) …
    I guess it just different culture …

    But I do love green and know that be around green (nature) can be a good healing/relaxing agent …

  3. Often colours have nuances of shades. What type of green and the variety of one colour green can be quite a lot. Meaning, depends on what you mix the colours with and what attitude you pick.
    Green to me, is the environmentalists. Sometimes not practical and revolutionary, often right but not giving actual solutions.
    To me good environment for all needs practical solutions

  4. It’s a lovely work of art! I like your approach to writing. Giving a description of something we feel or rather we cannot see. There was a time when I have nothing to write about and I decided to write about colors and associated it with blogging. I felt I did not give justice to that post but receive two emails from outside sources requesting to have a backlink on that specific post.

    I love green. In fact, I am using green and light rose on my blog. For me, green is nature and money.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, Sharon. Painting is one of my main hobbies in addition to writing even though lately it has been a bit became a shadow of photography.

      My interest is indeed mainly in things that we cannot see or even out of the reach of the mind. Besides, to writing material things, I am definitely not reliable… Hehe…

      A little sharing, on many occasions, I usually get ideas by only thinking of one word and linking it to various facts or phenomena. The narrower the gap that the public knew about the idea the more interesting it will be as writing because it will be an idea that fewer people talk about in general first.

      Your opinion about green is very interesting, Sharon. I agree with you, indeed green is nature. Also about money where in a world of duality, money is material energy that is complementary to non-material energy.

  5. I will have to be honest here: I do not like the color green per se as it reminds me of bile that patients that I treated as a nurse often threw up. But there are different shades of green. For example I do not mind grass but I would rather have snow. I guess I am a cold person at heart. My favorite color is blue…and white which I know is a lack of color…

    • That’s little evidence that color can affect you, right? lol…
      I myself don’t have favorite colors and tend to like all colors and various combinations.

      I think enough people like blue, and how that color affects them. Do you feel influenced by blue characters?

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