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Lost Wild Turkey

Sadly with all the construction going on where the dairy farm used to be, I will on occasion see turkeys and other animals looking for their way.

They used to have a lot of trees where these animals could hide and make a home. Now they are having to find new homes. It is hard to see animals like this female turkey (also called a hen) all alone. But she eventually found her way back to her family. Change is hard, even for the animals.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Apparently changes always make it difficult for anyone and anything.
    Hey, in the past few months there have been new neighbors who have several turkeys, unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to take their picture.

  2. It is sad when animals lose their natural habitats. It upsets me that we humans are destroying their homes. I’m glad the turkey found his family though. I used to see a while peacock when I used to go and visit my Grandmother.

  3. I see wild animals everyday deer, rabbits, squirrels, … the raccoon less often and everyone has birds I hope. There is a deer trail through my yard. It’s furrowed they made a rut! But, even in San Francisco there were coyotes in the early morning by the museum and raccoons walked around all they like at 4 am. Hawks were in Golden Gate Park always and peregrine falcons had nests downtown in the skyscraper canyons feeding on pigeons mostly. In the city I admired animals living there successfully.
    Hopefully the turkey will be OK

    • I saw all of these growing up. With the construction here I see less and less. There are buffalo in a field over behind the new homes. We used to hear coyotes every night. Would love to see eagles. I used to see hawks in the filed, now houses. 🙁 The turkey is fine for now, she was reunited.

      • You have buffalo behind the new homes? How very cool! I love the bison; and it’s been so abused by man over the decades. They used to shoot them for sport and leave the carcasses to rot. The Native Americans needed them for food and would never think of leaving meat to rot in a field.

  4. Very beautiful picture, dear Carol … we are guilty of the same people … … our bears are walking poo village and attacking people … it is not a fault of an animal, but we are embroiled in their fields

  5. All wild animals should live in nature. I have never been in circus, refused to go there even in childhood, and never took there my children. I thought they should not think it’s normal to see wild animals tamed and closed. But I should admit that I am neither one who fight at streets for animals rights. 🙁