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Lockdown and the pets

The vet called us a few days after the lockdown was declared. It is about the mental and emotional health of our dogs. The vet said that the changes in the lifestyle of humans have an effect on the pets. If the master goes to work every weekday then that is the routine. With the lockdown, that routine is changed that the master is always at home.

Maybe the pets would feel something with the changes. Why is mummy always here? In other words, they may get excited at first but later on they will be board. No one is welcomed in the afternoon, no one leaves anymore. The advice is to be closer to your pets so they will  not be affected by the lockdown.

  • Do you bring your pets along on a joyride?

    • Yes
    • No
    • we have no pets


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. My dog is too big to get in my car. Also with the shedding it would take forever to de-fur the house. If I had a small dog, I would. We often give out little one a ride up the driveway when she meets us at the end when we pull into the driveway.

  2. My cat stays at home and goes out on our porch to get fresh air and I work at home so only when I go out is there a change. Otherwise things are the same. That was nice of the vet to call and check on your dogs. My cat needs her nails cut badly and I am waiting for something before I have her come to our home. I am also putting it off because it is hard for me to have people here other than my cat and myself.

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