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Live today, live now…

Let’s live today, and not when all the mistakes will be fixed, books sorted neatly,  the dust cleaned of flowers, clean linen put on shelves…

Let’s live without delays. “I will start living when…” will never end. After all, it has not ended so far! Why should tomorrow be otherwise?

Let’s stop. Maybe just to have a cup of tea or write a letter. Quietly. Without checking your email inbox every minute and without our phone in hands.

Let’s be. We don’t even know if we’ll be there in a year. Will we be tomorrow. We know nothing. Maybe there will not be our mom, dad, child, lover, brother…  you, me…

We lock ourselves into a perpetual squirrel circle with no exit. Let’s release ourselves. Quite running and stop. Don’t wait until a loss or shock shatters a carefully protected regular image. Let’s look at faces not to phone screens. It doesn’t matter: we talk, keep quiet. Let’s do it together. Not with smartphones. With ones next to us.

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