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Little has changed in 60 years!

When I was much younger and living with my family in Poole, Dorset, a regular day trip was to go round to the other side of Poole Harbour and walk down to the small beach at Arne, from where you could look out across the water and paddle in the shallows.

My wife and I had our annual holiday this year on the Isle of Purbeck (which is not an island!). From where we were staying it was quite easy to get to Arne, so that is what we did, just so that I could revisit an old haunt.

The only major change to the area was the establishment of an RSPB Nature Reserve on the heathland, but the track down to the beach was still there, and so of course was the unspoilt coastline and the views across the Harbour. 

The memories just came flooding back!

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  1. When I visited the region I had grown up, I was astonished how much the place had changed. I was glad to have been shown the kindergarten and primary school that I had entered. They are my best memories of my childhood.

  2. Where I was born, has changed massively in the years since that time. I was born in Chicago and it is not the place I was little in, any longer.

    I grew up in a small Indiana college town. small in the sense that leaving Chicago (5 million people at that time) and going to this town (50,000 people when the students were not there in the summer) was a bit of shock.

    But both places are vastly different now.

  3. Good to know nothing has changed which is quite rare. I visited the city where I grew up and lost my way to my sister’s house and she said not to worry she too sometimes loses her way – so much is the change there (lol)