Litho Gen

Today i saw a latest technology. It is stone breaking machine is called Litho Gen machine.

This latest letho gen machine working with on oxygen or air pressure. This latest technology, I never seen befor. It is very suitable for patient.

Basically this machine use for breaking for urinary bladder stones, ureters stones. This machine major banifit are incision less surgery. It is passed through urethera with the helps of laproscopic camera.

This machine breaks the all stones in many small pieces in a few mints. When the patient pass urine its small pieces easy go out through urethra. The procedure can be done in local anesthesia no need gernal anesthesia, and patient go to home easy no need for addmation

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Written by Ghulam Jaffar


  1. This is an interesting technology. Before my father passed away, he underwent four surgeries to remove stones in the two kidneys of him. A few years later, laser technology was used to overcome such problems, and now there is this technology.