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Listen ~ Thursday Reflections

When no one else can answer the question, there is no more idea to break the deadlock, and there seems to be no more action can be taken, while ignorance still wants to get the guidance, so listening is one of the few other ways that can be done.

Listening is one of the ways to be with the Supreme Life, by praying, meditating, contemplating, or else. We learn to listen to the One we love.

However, listening is not an effort, not a technique, not a work to be done. Listening is sourced from the desire together with someone or something you are waiting to hear. Listening is an approach, starting from silence to manifesting into words or sound, thus giving form to itself (silence) itself. Although in silence when nothing can be heard, listening is still a relationship.

Learning to listen is breaking away to be present without being compelling or demanding, to hold backspace where something can be said, where the meeting can be revealed, when openness is answered.

Like music and music lovers, Lovers and Beloved are two friends, where lovers are listeners who are born to listen to their Beloved. Without lovers, how can the song of the Beloved be heard?

In the beginning, we must learn the art of listening, art to be present attentive, empty, and clear. We must learn to capture the calm, the small voice of the Beloved, not cut off the conversation, no say a word, and not ask many questions. We must learn to be quiet because listening is born from silence. However, listening with the heart is always a play of love, approaching each other, even though nothing is heard.

Listening is a wisdom that is very easily overlooked, for this is a feminine role, accepting and hidden, while our culture only respects what visible. Listening has a major role in this love, in our relationship with Beloved who has no form of worldliness.

Listen carefully with all the ears of every part of us, from every atom of our being, and we will hear the Source whisper all the time, only to us, for us. Because we are all lovers of the Beloved. Every time, in every event of your life, he whispers about what we must and want to know.

Who can explain this miracle? So simple. Just listen and we will find it in every passing moment. Hear, and our whole lives will be a conversation in mind and work between us and Him, directly, without words, now, and always.

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    Have you ever learned to listen to something you’ve never heard of?

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    • No
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    Is listening important?

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    Is listening difficult?

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  1. I read. I digest. I listen. And I would have agreed ? with you, maybe more, except at the end you call the Beloved ‘Him’. Him?! ???‍♀️

    Somebody said that male chauvinism started when they decided to make God a male ?

    • Wow! What an interesting issue! I love it!
      For everyone in general, what do you think is the most suitable call for the Beloved One, dear Cerewet?
      Isn’t that the Beloved One can be called in many names, or even as “The One Who Can’t Be Called Its Name”?
      Beyond chauvinism, Is the essence of the masculine ever separated from the feminine?

      • My dear brother, even excluding chauvinism, it still not “right” to assign either a masculine or feminine form to God. I also hesitate using It as much as I can avoid because God is not an It. So, if you notice, when I write I risk on redundancy instead.

        How one wishes to call God is up to the personal preference of the person, I think. The same way our personal relationship with God varies from person to person. You forgot “I Am” is also one of God’s names ?

        Personally, I call God God, Lord or Beloved. If I am singing a praise song with I Am, I envision (no form ?) that as God too.

        And no, masculine and feminine are one. Still, when English speakers use masculine and feminine forms, they mean it literally. In my language, there is no masculine and feminine pronouns so it is not an issue.

        “The One Who Can’t…” awww, I will never use that phrase again because it reminds me of Voldemort in Harry Potter haha ?

        • Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to use English for certain words. Indonesian also does not distinguish the word Dia or Ia to referring to someone without distinguishing masculine and feminine. I understand that “I am” is also The One, but people will misunderstand if I use the pronoun in my writing and I think it will be younger to understand if I use a more familiar word… ?

          I understand if my sister Cerewet, protests about the mention in the last part even though I have also used other words to refer to God. May God and you forgive my mistake.?

  2. Listening is much more important than speaking. It is not difficult at all, but takes focus and concentration. It comes natural to me. I prefer listening. The image is powerful Albert. As you words are. Many do not listen with the intent to understand, instead they listen with the intent to reply.

  3. ears made of tin cups
    bounced from walls
    to shatter
    and leave pieces
    around us.

    Listening is the essence of humanity. It starts with a common bond. It moves towards hearing. Listening is the reaction to sound. The hunters instinct all humans have. we are, after all not apex predators without our guns and knives. We are fairly insignificant as we are. So listening is a protective connection to the world.

    Hearing, now you have bridged the primal brain and moved into the parts of us that are greater.

  4. I’m ready to listen and listen a lot, dear Albert … if I’m interested in topics then listening is not difficult … if I’m not interested in the topic, listening can be very painful …. otherwise I’m listening out of respect, however, listening can really be very painful

  5. I have been trying to listen to someone I care about, but this person is lost in her own world, but I am being hurt the most. I will not give up on her, but I feel lost not knowing what else to do.


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