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Living towards the future also makes me always busy, the mind is always thinking, and I always try to do things quickly to achieve the goal. Although I have been fortunate to travel to many places, I have never stayed to enjoy each location. I took many photos but never looked at the scenery for long with my own eyes. I met a lot of good friends but never minded the stories I and I shared with each other. During my Master’s studies, there were times when I was so busy that I only knew I was walking to the library when it was still not clear, when I was leaving outside it was dark. It was not until one of my classmates sent me a picture of how big and beautiful the spring flowers were outside the library, and I suddenly remembered how I had lost such a valuable time. There are days when I cook and eat delicious food but can’t remember what I ate and what it tastes like because I ate while reading the newspaper, tinkering on the internet, or thinking. Because of that, living for the future robbed me of so many valuable memories, time, and experiences that I could never regain.

I’m not the type to be fond of the past but I know many people like that. They are also deprived of many things in life, the most are a joy. I have friends who always think about a poor score that has been there for a long time, heartbreaking because of sad stories in the family when I was young, and not necessarily living because of past relationships. Middle-aged and older people seem to be more likely to live in favor of the past, many people I’ve met can talk for hours about regretting what they did or didn’t do in the past. They compare how reality would be different if their past changed. Meanwhile, out there, life is still going on, flowers are blooming, birds are still singing, people are still walking. Many people do not understand that if we do not live for today, tomorrow will continue to regret this very moment.

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