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Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful, I have no doubt about it.  People often think I have no problems at all in my life.  I have problems and worries like everyone else, but I will never let it over weigh the beautiful moments in life.

How can a mother forget the moment her babies were born, weren’t they miracles of nature?  How can a woman forget the moment she met her soulmate, the feelings that were beyond expression.  You knew that something just clicked in your life which surpassed all other things in life in the past and present.

Small things carve memories in your heart. I remember the moment one morning as it sat near the window, looking at the world beyond, drowning in my sorrows after having lost my mother a few weeks earlier. As a drop of tear slipped into my cup of coffee , a tiny butterfly from no where came in and sat on my hands. Would I ever forget that moment. The sadness vanished into thin air and I called my husband to take a picture of this beauty in my hands.

Everyday as the sunrises it brings hope and beauty into our lives for that day, the sunset assures us of hope for the future. They tell you life is beautiful. If only we had eyes to see and ears to hear  what every minute tells us. If only we could appreciate what is around us instead of being caught up in the worries of the world, catching up with the Joneses and  in our own selves.

Life is beautiful , live it, make it count!!

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    Life is beautiful despite the problems we face – right?

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    When we learn to appreciate everyone and everything around us life is indeed beautiful – right?

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