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Life is a gift

Saying the final goodbye is so hard that it is common for people to cry when the loved one dies and is about to be buried. That is the realization that the loved one is gone and saying goodbye means final. It is a mystery that we are born and then we die. It is really sad that there is no exceptions to that rule.

As the priest who presided over the rites for the dead, life is a gift from God. What do you do with the gift? Of course, you enjoy it. That means you have to enjoy life while you are still alive because it is like appreciating the gift that you received which is life. Even if you don’t believe that life is a gift, what better way to live but to enjoy, right.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Elijah and Enoch were exceptions. But you’re right! Nobody gets to decide the day they are born or the day they die. Some people think they can decide the day of their death. But the life and death of every human being are in God’s hands.

    That’s why I have a problem with the so-called “mercy killing” or euthanasia. You give the person a lethal drug and supposedly they should die after ingesting it. But suppose they don’t die! What do you do? Keep poisoning them? Shoot them? Wouldn’t that be murder? It’s a thin line, isn’t it?

    People don’t report that some people survive mercy killings and linger for days. The supporters would rather have you believe that the final decision is yours. That as soon as you drink that poison liquid it will all over quickly. I think mercy killings are just a convenient form of murder where the murderer doesn’t have to pay for the crime.

    Sorry. Sort of went off topic! But life is a precious gift. I hate the thought of others thinking they can decide when someone else’s life should end and they want to dress it up as an “act of mercy”. Biggest lie ever!!.

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