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Life in Finland

The Finns are one of the happiest people in the world. People in these northern areas are happier than others. Today I’m talking about living in Finland. They also have free health care. They have a very cold winter but love to go for a long walk very often. They spend very much time in the nature.

They have free education and health care. They love to invest in their future.

Very interesting fact is they love very much coffee. They have a few cups per day.

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        • You’re right not the most important is money. I don’t think travel should be a luxury.
          Here people are not cultural enough here. A lot of people are rude. In my country, people think they are a special people and do not see how far they fall behind the world. They are, however, dissatisfied. They like to argue on the bus. I’m sorry to say, but most people here are not intelligent enough. It is more important for young people to have a university degree (various frauds get their degrees) than to repair their teeth. Young people stink from their mouths and do not care about personal hygiene. It’s a different nation.

          • With the kind of exposure one gets – thanks to the Internet no matter how backward a country is individuals can learn from other countries and make strides.

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