I don’t like “blue!” Hey stalwarts, you know who you are, I salute every one of you, yes, always have. When you read my posts, (which I appreciate greatly) part of your comments are visible to me, under the header, on my page. Doc, could we not try to at least in part, kind of communicate that way? I know, I’m the anus of the site and have no room to ask this. But every normal body has one too, right?(lol) My pains and demons are harsh task-masters and don’t leave me much of a life of solace, some of you have figured it out, thanks! The bottom line is that I do care very much for this little community and don’t want to see it die, death in any form holds no fascination for me, so, I will keep trying to keep the dream alive.

  • Let’s write, right, right?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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