Let's Make Faces

Yesterday I attended a seminar.  It was interesting especially because most of my work is done where I don’t have the luxury of seeing people’s faces.  However, it did help me to learn how I might help the children when I am at school with them.

We went through a series of faces and had to describe the face in one word terms. Then we had to create a one paragraph back story about why this person has the particular face. It was truly interesting to see all the different paragraphs of why the face looked that way.

Then we made recordings of how we thought the person would sound and listened to those. It was a meeting that I truly enjoyed.

  • Are you will to say in comments why the man in the picture is making the face?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. He’s looking at something in front of him and by the surprised face, I think he received a gift, he opened it and found a big stash of cash, a red bra and bottle of champagne.

    Ah! And his wife is sitting next to him. 😁

  2. Haha … now this sounds fun!!

    He wanted to surprise his son with a cake or something else, be opened the door and saw … well his son and another teenager … on the bed … erm …

    All 3 were stunned.
    And the guy said, “Sur…prise…”

  3. That was a fun activity.
    I remember when we learned facial expressions in primary school.
    The bad thing was that we had to choose one expression for our character and keep that face all the time. I chose the grumpy one, but I was too much of a cheerful kid to do it right all the time. Nowadays, it would have been easier. 😅

    The guy in the picture looks scared, truly horrified.
    My first thought was that he saw someone breaking his TV.
    Then I thought he found himself in trouble as he sees his wife holding his phone, reading texts and browsing internet history.
    At last, I thought he was given bad news.
    His pinpoint pupils tell he’s distressed, as it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of light.

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