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Let us try to be friendly

At its core, kindness is a genuine concern for a fellow human being. Wishing him the best and realizing that this person has the same desires, needs, and aspirations that you have on your own. Kindness is warmth, flexibility, patience, confidentiality, loyalty, and gratitude.

Henry James wrote: “There are three important things in life. The first is to be kind, the second to be kind, and the third to be kind. ”

The important thing is that we are not friendly for the sake of self-interest or calculus.

That we do not hide our anger and frustration behind the mask of love and wear it just to look better in front of others. Also, the constant tendency to please others cannot be equated with kindness.

Let us also be kind to those who are not necessarily kind to us. In addition, let’s be kind to ourselves. We consider ourselves to be a person worthy of kindness.

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