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Legalizing the weed

Marijuana is still a raging issue despite the legalization in Canada. In the US there are states where the so called weed is legal. In the Philippines, there is a proposed legalization that is encountering difficulties from the church. The main argument is the ill-effect of marijuana that it can cause hallucination. But proponents of the law said that a study had been made that showed excessive alcohol can also cause the same hallucination and more often could result in a violent behavior.

Marijuana is a plant and some classify it as a herb which has curative properties. The medical marijuana is a pain reliever that is being used in many countries already with the proven efficacy and safe use. They say that medical marijuana has no danger of overdose unlike the pills or tablets. Whether for medical or not, marijuana is beneficial to man if used in the right way.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I am not impressed with the use of marijuana as a recreational drug but I strongly approve of the use of it for pain relief.
    However, I don’t think people should go to jail for it. I believe people driving cars under the influence of drugs, marijuana or alcohol should go for jail because they are a danger on the road to other people.

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