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Leg pain

It is difficult to diagnose leg pain and there could be several causes  It could be issues with blood circulation, osteoporosis, nerves issue, someting to do with the muscles around, weight issues,diet issues  and last but not the least mental tension 

Different doctors deal with different issues.  Does it therefore mean one will have to visit all these doctors to find out the cause?  Speciality being the main stay these days one has no alternative but to fix appointments with all concerned doctors.  The very thought is frightening. 

  • Would you fix appointments with all these doctors if you have leg pain?

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    • No


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  1. Ideally, after a consultation with a general practitioner you’d be redirected to the right specialists. I personally hate going to the doctor’s, but I don’t recommend my approach to others, as some problems may have simple solutions that we can’t find ourselves.


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