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Left Behind ~ Thursday Reflection.

Once again, the picture I shared for Thursdays Reflections this time is one of the many photos I took while visiting my father’s grave in the past Easter. What appeared on the glass door were the backs of some of my family who was walking out leaving my father’s grave.

For some reason, there was a feeling of loneliness when I looked at this picture. A feeling about the situation like I being left behind alone. We know that everything has a turn to leave ourselves, either one by one or at once. It can be anything, those who close to us by blood or emotionally, prosperity, glory, and popularity, or something we believe in, even ourselves someday.

That is my reason why I really try to keep a distance from fear, desire and attachment to anything because in certain situations, in the end, we will be alone and can only rely on ourselves for peace, bliss, and completely free.

Funny, many people think that I’m weird, even crazy,  at least on my thinking, because I’m considered to always thought of things that are not important like that. I don’t know, I just thought that being peaceful, bliss, and free was the most important thing to step in the path of present life to the end, but I could understand such a view because in the past I also had such a perspective too, and really understood that something considered important by everyone is relative.

  • Have you ever felt left alone?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Will the things that you consider to be very important now will remain important till the end?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you agree that many of my thoughts are strange and unimportant?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Its odd but I don’t always feel alone by myself, and sometimes, I’ve never felt more alone in a crowd.
    Well, I really have cried a lot when many have gone to the grave but for me, I know a God of love who will go with me when I leave this earth. I cant prove that to anyone but his spirit has helped me through many hard times and will be there for now and beyond that.
    No proof. Off course I would lie if I said I was not afraid, but this presence helps me
    The things of this world are only materials which come and go.

  2. Users voted 10 times.
    Q: Have you ever felt left alone?

    Yes (9 votes) – 90%
    No (1 votes) – 10%

    Q: Will the things that you consider to be very important now will remain important till the end?

    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%

    Q: Do you agree that many of my thoughts are strange and unimportant?

    Yes (5 votes) – 50%
    No (5 votes) – 50%

  3. Your thoughts are not strange and you are not crazy too. Every person has his own thinking. It is always so that some of us understand others, but not. Depending on how sensitive we are to something.

  4. My dear friend, you are just following your principles … you are a very nice man … sometimes I think your thoughts are incomprehensible, but then you explain everything nicely … we are all weird in every way … do you agree?

  5. First off your thoughts are wonderful, guiding and enlightening not strange, different and/or weird.
    Loneliness is something all of us experience from time to time. I know that growing up I asked my grandfather questions. When he passed away I asked my father. Now there is no one but me to ask the questions of, it is different.

  6. I have never felt abandoned. I like loneliness. Nothing compares to the time you spend with yourself!
    Your thoughts are not strange and unimportant… they are just your thoughts! It is simpler to say that someone is a little crazy than try understand him, don’t you think?!

      • Agreed. Loneliness can allow us to feel the sense of being one with everything, while engaging in socialization can distract us a little, ending up feeling lost once we lose that connection with people.
        I’ve always felt the most lonely around people, and I guess you have too, as you mention you were told to be weird and crazy for thinking the way you do.

  7. Of course I would never believe your thoughts are strange or unimportant. I feel the same as you do often and many times I have felt left alone. Those dark days are behind me but the feelings creep in from time to time. You are right, we are left with only ourselves in the end. Some think like others may not. I think in reality. It is what it is, so I do what I have to in order to protect myself for future times to come.

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