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Learning to knit

The first time I learned how to knit is when I was in high school. My elder brother was about to go further study in China, hence I decided to knit a scarf for him.

After finishing my first scarf, I never touch the knitting needles and yarn until about 8 years ago. I attended a short course about Waldorf Education, and this education approach encourages the children and even adults to do more handwork, including knitting. Knitting is one of the subjects to be taught in grade 1. As I would like to homeschool my kids, I had to pick up the knitting skills.

I was glad my knitting needles and some yarn balls were still in my mom’s house. I totally forgot how to knit at that time, and I didn’t have any friends who know how to knit. I was really thankful for YouTube and many YouTubers who shared their knitting tutorials online. That’s how I learned and started knitting.

I am still at the beginner level in knitting, but I agree that knitting is really healing. The knitting process is really joyful and relaxing. There were many times when I was feeling really stressed, I just took out the knitting needles and started to knit. It calmed me down and made me feel more relaxed.

Would you like to learn how to knit?

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    • I have not do any needlepoint and latch hook before. I read about them online and think they are interesting to make, but haven’t try them out yet. I’ll need to find the supplies first. Thanks for sharing these!

    • That sounds funny, but I did think that before I learned how to knit and hand sew in these recent few years too. My mom was a tailor, and I didn’t even think of learning how to sew from her when I was young. 😛


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