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Learning to float on water

They say that floating on water is like dancing that you just get on with the flow of the beat. The buoyancy of the water can hold you afloat for a second or 2 and then you sink. That second or 2 is the clue for floating. One technique to learn floating is to go underwater and observe a person on how he floats. You will notice that the feet would kick downwards together with the hands that push downwards too. That action propels the body upward to get that 2 seconds of buoyancy. Doing it in the right timing  can make you float for a long time.

Learning to float before you learn to swim is the best because floating can give you the confidence that you will not drown. Besides, floating is the basic need when you are in the water. Freestyle or breast stroke will make you move on water but what if you get tired? With floating you remain in the position but you are safe from drowning.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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