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Learn To Respect ~ Saturday's Critters

This visit was specifically for Virily, especially for Saturday’s Critters. After their last visit in mid-November last year, there has been no further visiting so far. Their last visit was represented by this teenager.

According to the formula, young scorpions are creatures that are more likely to give poisonous stings. Yes, for not every time the stinging scorpion always injects poison. As far as I know, the burst of poison is the last weapon of the scorpion if it feels very threatened and in order to escape. It depends on the personality of the scorpion, whether it injects poison or not because like other living things, the nature of the scorpion is not the same. There are quiet, aggressive and very aggressive scorpions.

The scorpion’s body shape can be seen which is toxic and which is not, well… at least not too dangerous. To find out, we must look at the scorpion’s pedipalpus or arm or scorpion claws. If the pedipalpus is bigger than the tail, it means that the scorpion has no strong poison, so it must use the arm to attack the prey. If the tail is bigger, it doesn’t need strong arms to attack.

I still learn to respect the scorpion, and not to fear and kill them. If they come to visit without being invited, we only need to direct the scorpion to get out of the house, the animal will move out on its own.

  • Can you not to kill them if you meet one of them?

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