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Last Month’s Earnings on The Dashboard

The Dashboard should be updated soon and there is something I wanted to share…

When the Dashboard updated the last time there was a sum in the Last Month that stayed the same till recently when it raised only for $0.02… Since the Dashboard updated around 3-5 days before the end of the previous month my guess was that the earnings made during that period (in the days between the day of the update and the end of the month) will be added to that sum by the end of the month but it changed only for $0.02 while I think it should be a little more than that…

I don’t remember how it was during the previous months but I think it was updated well with the new update. I asked the admins about this but didn’t get any response… I know usually there are no answers from them when everything is ok or when it is a general problem they are working on so I guess it will be updated with the right sum when the Dashboard updates now but if it doesn’t I hope the admins will pay attention to this…

Update: Currently my Dashboard shows all zeros so I suppose it’s due to the beginning of the new month and that it will be updated soon so will see….. The situation I described was beforeΒ this update…!

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  • Was your Last Month showing the sum you earned by the day of the previous update?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t know
  • Did you notice this…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Wasn’t looking
  • Is that section (sum) usually updated with the right sum with the next update…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t remember

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • To me it seems like you mixed these two posts up with the comments, hehehe….. ;/)

      Yes, of course…, it would be much better if the Dashboard updated more regularly…..! Notifications and updates about some other things would be good too…

  1. To be honest I don’t know how Virily works out how we are paid and whether to believe what I see on the Dashboard or not.
    Yesterday, I thought I had only earned $4.00 and now I received my payment today, I see it is not so.
    How they do it is not something I can work our but I am pleased to get paid.

    • Ok, I know it’s confusing for you and understand, but no need to worry, everything is always correct even though sometimes hard to understand….. ;/)
      It’s not that complicated… You should just always look all the parts of the Dashboard, including the Balance!… May was paid and earnings for May are written in the Balance, as well as the payment…
      Now I saw one other member’s post and saw those earnings were actually previously written in the Unpaid (Total) part of the Dashboard before the payment for those earnings was made, but you can certainly still see it in the Balance where all the (paid and unpaid) months are – May and what you earned in and was paid for May is written there!…..

    • You are welcome, and thanks much for commenting! πŸ™‚ Yes it was, but May was missing then, today it is added in the Balance and payments were made, while the rest of the Dashboard shows June and July now….. (I actually thought Last Month will be updated with the right May sum but it immediately switched into June skipping May, probably because it is already a new month now…)

    • Thanks much…..! Yes, there weren’t on the Dashboard (I think) or I just missed to see it, but May is now updated in the Balance…..! So don’t worry, everything is there now… Last Month is now actually showing June earnings and Total = Unpaid + This Month shows only This Month (July)…..! πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t really understand how it works, but I just ignore it and choose to trust virily team that they will get it right and pay me when I have earned $10. I am just too lazy! πŸ˜›

    Thanks for always updating us about how virily works and how it is now. You are really observant. ^_^

    • Hahahhaah…! πŸ˜€ Well, that is a good way too I guess, hehehehehhe…! ;D

      Thank you very much for that and you are welcome…! ;D πŸ™‚

      Although I do admit it seems I overlooked something with this new update everyone wrote about although I’m still not sure and will know about it whet it updates again, hehehe….. ;/)

  3. I’m a little confused … lol
    It’s the first time I don’t see any amount in the “Unpaid” …
    I can only think its because they system didn’t update during the weekend … and then by Monday, it’s 1st of the next month already …

    Anyway, we can only just wait and see …

    • It’s not the first time… It was the same the previous and I think the one before that time… I explained everything in my articles about the dashboard and the payments but seems either people didn’t understand it, either they forgot it…
      I will write another article about it, in which order the dashboard updates…

      Anyway, first the Last Month is updated and now I see it is updated well – the sum is higher than it was and not just for that small amount, then all the other things which need to be updated AND summed up, which is actually good to have the insight in each of the sections separately…..!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Currently the Last Month is updated with the right sum for May (it’s still May there) – that is the thing I wrote about here… Later they will update all the other things, but it couldn’t be updated before this sum was updated correctly…! πŸ˜‰

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