Lack Of Sleep, Kills Your Skin!

 Sleep deprivation accelerates Aging Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to age faster, according to a new study. In a clinical trial by skin care specialists, it was found that poor sleepers showed definite signs of aging skin. 

Sleep deprived women showed signs of premature skin aging, and a decrease in their skin’s ability to recover from sun exposure. Researchers found that those who didn’t sleep well exhibited more signs of skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation, poor color, and reduced skin elasticity. The researchers also found that those who enjoyed quality sleep were more quick to recover from stressors to the skin such as sun and environmental toxins. 


Considering the importance of sleep, how do you safeguard those 7-8 hours every night? Well, of course, try to get to bed at about the same time every night, (I know, writers are the worst culprits), still, doing this, will get your body into a habit of sleeping/waking that is so vital for good sleep. Be sure to get some vigorous activity also, every day—especially outside during daylight hours if possible. If you can just get outside for a brisk walk with the “Paws” around lunchtime, it can help them a lot too! Weight-bearing exercises or any other type of strenuous exercise will help even more—as long as you don’t do it within 2 hours of bedtime.

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