La Liga is back!

The Spanish Primera Liga, better known as La Liga, is starting back up today with an epic rivalry.  In the battle of Seville, Sevilla is at home against Real Betis.  Figaro!  Figaro!  

Whenever these two teams meet, there are definitely fireworks.  This match is known as the Derbi.  Even though Sevilla is in third place and Real Betis is in 12th place in the standings, their place in the table does not matter in this game.  Whichever team loses will face shame from their fans until they have another chance to beat their rival once again.  Hopefully, there will not be rain in Spain to postpone this match because “the rain in Spain falls mainly in Spain.” 

  • Sevilla or Real Betis?

    • Sevilla
    • Real Betis


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  1. La Liga is back but perhaps Covis comes back as well…. Let´s see. We have not had any deceases in the last times but Covid is clever and it is waiting on people to go out. Sevilla is a beautiful city. Betis and Seville hate each other. A draw will be good for Betis

    • I never knew how strong this rivalry was between the two clubs until I was sent a video trailer of a new documentary on Don Patricio. The fans there are out for blood. The hatred is almost as bad as Boca Juniors vs River Plate. You should know not to go against Sevilla at home. For some reason, Sevilla can beat anybody at home, but they can lose to anybody on the road.

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