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Knin Fortress, Croatian national pride 2

I managed to gather some more interesting things about the Knin fortress.

Archaeologists have discovered that the Knin area was inhabited in the Neolithic (Late Stone Age) and even more densely thereafter during the Bronze Age. The area of the town itself was inhabited already in Roman times. In antiquity, the settlement of Ninia was supposed to have been built on the slopes of the already mentioned Spas hill. As is well known, in the seventh and eighth centuries AD, these spaces are occupied by Croats. These, are  “find out” that a more robust defense structure would be needed to protect the population on the Spas.

And so, in the second half of the 9th century, the fortress, castro Tnin, and then the medieval urban settlement, the nucleus of the fort complex, nowadays called the Knin fortress, gradually began to be built. Knin was first mentioned in written sources in 950. Croatian prominent mayors, dukes, bans and kings immediately find out that Knin, and especially its fortress, is in an excellent geostrategic position. Some Croatian kings occasionally ruled from Knin. Throughout the bloody centuries of history, it passes through many hands of foreigners, notably Hungarians, Turks, Italians (Venetians), French, Austrians, Nazi Germans (who almost “demolish, destroy” almost completely) … But soon after World War II, a group of conscious Croats set about rebuilding , which continues today.


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    • The locals told me a lot. I remember the events after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia (in 1991). I don’t want to write about it in detail. Even today, there is tension, animosity … among the nations that sometimes lived in one country.

      • I met someone from Yugoslavia once who told me that it would be well worth visiting, a place that as far as tourism in New Zealand we never even heard about it, now that memory makes me curious to go and look…Only if circumstances and funds are right.

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