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“I never gambled because I could lose enough to depress me, but I could never win enough to impress me.“~ Kenny Rogers.

This was one of the last live interviews with country singing Super-Legend, Kenny Rogers. Fraid, I never got the interviewer’s name, sorry, Anyhow, he starts off, what I believe will be a most memorable, unscripted interview, answering questions from some of his most dedicated fans. It starts off with a fan who asks, “Mister Rogers, is this your last rodeo?” Kenny hesitates a moment then replies, “Oh yeah, I get it, you know, I want to say, yes…”

From there, Kenny delivers poignant responses that will linger in the hearts and minds of all his fans across the globe and I can see much of what he spoke of will remain for posterity. Here, then is the interview, which was recorded on 6th September 2019 just 6 months before his death on 20th March 2020


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