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Yamagami no Aokigahara is an invention of mine, not a part of Japanese mythology or the Shinto pantheon. Which is to say, that the Aokigahara Forest doesn’t have a god that I am aware of, and even if it did I doubt this is what they think it looks like

That having been said, I hope it does have the look and feel of a Shinto forest god. Please tell me what you think about the many treatments I have given this imaginary creature…

  • low POV or standard?

    • low
    • standard
  • light or dark?

    • light
    • dark
  • loose or tight?

    • loose
    • tight

What do you think?

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  1. Where do I start, wow! I love the textures in the piece. The sun is perfectly situated to shine on her “horns” and seem to highlight her incredible eyes. Love her long black hair and how it is draped over her horns. Love it all. 🙂

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