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Just to Check Something Now…

Does this mean I’m Verified now?????????! 🙂

Yap…, it seems so…! 🙂

Thanks Virily Admin!!!!!!!!!

  • Am I verified now…? 🙂

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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    • Thank you! Yes, I noticed yesterday who got the blue sign… When I asked a user who got verified he didn’t want to tell me like it was some kind of a secret which got me really angry……… :/ 😐 I actually kinda asked admin “for” it, will post about it later, so that is how I got it… When I heard supposedly even some new users got it I thought it was kinda unfair to the old and very loyal ones like I was but not just that…, it started being hard in some other terms but I will post about it later…

        • Yes I agree, there was… Not a problem, just thought you should know that, I mean “be aware” of that… You can do whatever the way you prefer it’s just my opinion – at least when it comes to people who are fair and honest – those others can be treated the way you described, that is what I meant… Not sure I understood which dishonesty you meant but I don’t like that too…! 😐

        • Yes, now I see why, actually who… I am opening missed articles and bumped into one new user who got verified… It’s not a secret, it’s just that the badge is late (unfortunately all people here have some conspiracy theories and I must say annoys me Very Much…! :|) It’s probably not fair toward the old users especially that there is one other very similar user who didn’t get verified… 😐

          • Yes, this is why I “opted out” of these conversations and comments. I could write a book about it. I was one of the few members who couldn’t work for more than 20 days during the check. What more would I not comment on here.

          • Yes, this is why I “opted out” of these conversations and comments. I could write a book about it. I was one of the few members who couldn’t work for more than 20 days during the check. What more would I not comment on here.

        • (there was one more comment above if you missed it (not sure, there is no “like”))

          I understand but now I actually don’t understand… Are you saying there was no “create” button because admins were checking your profiles for the “verification”…?I didn’t know there was “a check” and I thought it was a plain bug…?!?

          I hate that one user told me he “doesn’t want to tell me names because it is a secret”. I was pi**ed off because I’m like “What secrets?????????!!!!! How can that be a secret!!!!!!!!!!!?”…………… 😐 Now all those users have badges (blue verified signs) and I think it wasn’t a secret at all, just that the badge was actually late as all the badges (and actually everything else here is) are…! 😐

          • But the way that happened – how you all got verified is certainly not fair at all if what I heard is true… Especially that that user wrote it needs at least 15 months of being a member while one of them was one only for 5 months! 😐

        • You are a new user, not sure if you will get it… There weren’t new verified users for a very long time, now I heard some old and even some new ones got the badges recently but I’m not sure if that’s true since I haven’t noticed any having the badge… I wrote to the admin because I joined when most of the verified joined, I even think one of the users who got badge is the one I invited to the site (but I’m not 100% sure about it) and I’m often writing about important Virily things so I found it unfair some verified could post much before me about the news and similar things so mine were always “old” news so that is why I wrote to him and I didn’t even ask him to give me one but I just expressed my opinion and compared those two situations (kinda implying that) so he gave it to me…

        • You are welcome… You can ask it if you think you deserve it but I actually got the message if I brake any rules my account will be back to un-verified so it is a lot of responsibility although I didn’t have any problems with my posting so far… 😐

        • I didn’t know you are actually already verified when we talked about this… Why didn’t you tell me, I thought you wanted to ask the admin to give you the status – not just the sign…?
          I also noticed there are some new verified users, including you who are a new user (which is kinda strange because so many other old ones didn’t get it), but I didn’t know that because none of you had the previous “regular” badge on your profiles and I did notice some of you posting more often and in the time when admins are usually not working on approving articles… Now there is that new blue verified sign so I learned about it…

    • Yes, I got the blue verified sign beside my name… 🙂 I actually wrote to the admin since I am an old member but never got verified and since I’m writing about many Virily things and news I couldn’t publish the news on time (when things happen) so they are then already kinda old news when I write about it so I wrote that to the admin and now I noticed the sign…!!! 🙂

      • Yes, I heard that one user suggested some users to get verified and that that is how you all became ones – which I’m not sure how that could be fair!…, but don’t know why there isn’t that old badge (it’s not on my profile too but I got the blue sign…) could be now there will only be this blue sign with this new look… And could be we’ll get the old one (the badge) too later, they are late sometimes… :/

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