Just for Fun Mashup

Continuing the mashup challenge today the song title has men’s names. Bob and Doug Mackensie!

with Getty Lee of Rush!

This one is focused on Dave’s I know!

I went to Grand Rapids Michigan for a business trip a few years ago. I was torn between driving and flying (until I found out that my trip was Grand Rapids to DeMoine Iowa) once the trip changed I flew. I can honestly say over the course of my travels that I landed in many of the US big airports (all 50 States), and many small and regional airports. There is a more friendly, easier feeling in the smaller airports.

πŸ™‚ Now when it came to rental cars, small airports were painful!

Anyone can join the Just for Fun challenge – just use the title Just for fun and share some things that make you happy!!! To make it a pudding challenge you simply have to mash two challenges into one. So, adding the song with a man’s name challenge to the just for fun challenge creates pudding!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

  • Question of

    have you ever rented a car?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Have you ever landed in a small airport?

    • Yes
  • Question of

    Have you ever flown in a smaller single engine plane?

    • Yes


What do you think?


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