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Just For Fun August #2- Cucumbers

Another day, another post for Kim’s challenge August Just for Fun. It’s easy to participate- just make a post about plants, or animals, tag it #jff and you’re in. But, make sure to click on purple letters first, just to check out, in case I forgot something.

After my lamentation over losing my tomato plants, it would be fair to tell you what has happened next.

All those thick clouds and heavy rains have passed but I lost every hope that anything would grow in my garden. Still, I’ve never stopped throwing kitchen waste on a parcel of soil, in order to make compost, to use it next year. That morning, I threw some waste and pick some grass to add it to a pile, too when something caught my attention. I saw previously that some cucumber plants were blooming, but they seemed too small to and weak to grow some yields. Oh, how surprised I was seeing three ripe cucumbers and several babies!

  • When one doors closes, another one opens. Do you believe this?

    • Yes
    • No
    • This post is too trivial to make an example for that saying
  • What do you think about the outcome of my agricultural rambling?

    • Just a coincidence
    • Luck of a fool
    • The result of divine interference
  • Do you think my cucumbers are tasty?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I doubt it

What do you think?

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  1. When you lose an opportunity, you have your eyes peeled for another one. It could be the ”new’ one was there all along but you never noticed it because it was eclipsed by the old one

    that’s how I always parsed that metaphor

  2. Why do cats jump when they suddenly see a cucumber?
    MoraΔ‡u po naΕ‘ki… svjeΕΎi krastavac ima miris zmije otrovnice. Otuda onaj iskonski refleks kod mačke, kada joj iznenada dobacimo krastavac, skače metar iznad zemlje. Brojna viralna videa po internetu na tu temu. SreΔ‡an roΔ‘endan.

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