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just for fun and my first pc

This first video starts with the funniest dog video ever.

Well, we had to move on from Parrots.

Sunrise, sunset, and night in Miami Florida!

My first PC arrived around 1996. It literally weighed 7 pounds. I would later have to switch to a rolling bag, carrying that laptop really tore up my shoulder!.

We called them luggables back then. I had gone from the Mac Powerbooks that were around 5 pounds to this massive PC that was also heavy.

I also was traveling more, so that computer was on my shoulder a lot.

That was back in the days of dialup internet. You didn’t download things fast back then!

for those who recall this last video is well memorable!

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    My first computer weighed more than my two laptops today do combined remember those luggables?

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    Do you remember windows 95?

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  1. One major benefit of having those laptops is, you no longer have to go to the gym to build your muscle. So you can cancel your gym membership as long as you carry that laptop every day! Thus you can save some money. 😀

  2. I used to use discs when had I think it was Windows 95. It is so nice to not have to use disc anymore unless I want to create something for a t-shirt, pillow and bring to a place that does it.
    Since the virus I have not been to that place in ages.

  3. I was secretly hoping for parrots again but these dogs were precious and adorable too. I loved the time-lapse as well.

    I remember dial-up internet. Getting online was the highlight of my day, even week. Now, we are so spoiled and take it for granted, lol.


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