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Just for fun and Car Crazy 7

Social Distancing – sometimes we just have to laugh. Weird Al Yankovic and his Social Distancing parody

Jimmy Fallon has a great ability to imitate famous performers. He is very musically talented and this one is my favorite. Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young. The beginning of this is hilarious. The title is also hilarious!

Two Neil Youngs on a stump!

So, we lived in Cincinnati Ohio when we got our first convertible. When we left Cincinnati we no longer had a convertible (we had an SUV (sports utility vehicle) and a mini-van. In fact, because of the three kids being transported most of the time, we had a minivan and a car I could drive to Chicago for the next few years.

Our last year in Indiana we decided we were done with Mini Vans (we weren’t but that is another story for later) and got a second convertible to share.

Did we share? no.

We enjoyed the Mini-Cooper! we had three of them after moving to Maryland! Great cars, even though they were not longer an English Company (Mini is owned by BMW now!)

Anyone can join the just for fun challenge. Just post things that will make other people happy, or help them relax. The car-crazy challenge is to find a picture of a car you’ve owned or driven (or that drove you) on the internet and then tell a story about that car!

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