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Just for Fun and Car Crazy 3!!!!!

another city time-lapse – this one Los Angeles!

i am a time-lapse geek! this one is of a city at night!

My car today, a yellow bug. It was the first car I got to drive exclusively although it was my parent’s car. A 1967 yellow bug. I was so excited to get my license! I was going to be a driver. Then I found out what that meant to my parents. I was now my sisters chauffeur. (will you take you sister to the doctor, will you run to the store, will you will you will you).

at first, I jumped at the chance to drive.

Then I realized i was simply a labor resource.

Anyone can join the just for fun challenge, Just post things that interest you and make the title Just for Fun!!! 

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. This is where the model calls him “soap opera”. But I don’t know why. I like the color too. When I was a young mother before I got my license, I had to drive the kids to kindergarten by bus. It was torture, especially winter. Then my parents gave me my first car. It was Moskvich 412 1500 SL. I was very grateful to them for this talk that made my daily routine easier.

  2. When I was in high school, I usually used public transportation to go home from school, but some familiar school friends who were members of the VW club (at that time the VW Beetle and Comby were collecting trends) at school often took me home or went around first, so I was quite enjoying some of these bugs in various variations, modifications, and colors, of course, the yellow ones like that too but maybe in different series and production year.

    Yes! You managed to take me away to good times in high school, Doc!

  3. Ah, theres Herbie! She just needs a splash of white and some cool stripes. Your first car as well. Interesting. I was lucky. I was the BABY. My sisters were the chauffeurs. And yes, I remember them complaining about it. Now to go watch those time lapses. I love them too, so fascinating. The flower was super cool.


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