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Just for fun and Car Crazy 12

I will say only Weird Al could pull this off.

it makes me giggle with just the title, Classical Gas. If you live with dogs, you know that at best gas is new age! i suspect classical gas would smell really bad!

Old Blue Eyes or Frank Sinatra was a huge star. He was on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson when the comedian Don Rickles surprised him!

When the twins were born we already had a minivan. But, there came a time when we were carrying so much stuff (two of everything baby related) that we decided to get a full-size van.

The memory of this van is one day I was working at home, my wife and the twins went to take our daughter to school. On the way back my poor wife skidded off the road and got stuck. They walked the 1/2 mile (I was on the phone for a business call and didn’t hear the call waiting beep). 

We called for a tow truck, they said by end of the day. So I said no thanks. My wife drove me over in the other car, and I managed to get the Van unstuck.

For those of you that know my wife, there is no way she owned a Red Van. That is the type of van we had. It had a TV in the back for the kids.

but ours was blue, of course!

Anyone can join the Just for Fun challenge – just post links to things you find funny! In the title just say just for fun!!!

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