Julian Assange Arrest : Ecuador under 400 million cyber attacks

Quito: Ecuadorian authorities said that, Ecuador official institution and Embassy of Ecuador in London is under  400 million cyber attacks so far after Wikileaks founder arrest in London.

Ecuador’s Deputy Minister of Information said that Cyber attacks started after the capture of Julian assange and hackers attacked from America, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Romania, France, Austria and Britain.

Be clear Julian assange was arrested by British police from embassy of Ecuador in London, when Ecuadorian President Lennon Moreno dismissed his political asylum agreement. President Moreno accused Wikileaks founder of interference and spying in matters of other states.

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  1. it is unclear if he’s being attacked for being a whistle blower or for his own criminal actions. I don’t put it past the intelligence community to frame him, but I am far from convinced that this is the case. If he is guilty, then he should pay for his crimes

    that having been said, I seriously doubt the UK would go to such troubles to prosecute a rapist and are after him for being a threat to those who want to keep their activities secret. so this is a sticky situation

  2. Assange hid in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for 7 years to avoid facing justice on accusations of rape and sexual assault. Additionally, his Wikileaks organisation acted as a willing accomplice of Putin and Trump in selectively releasing hacked data to help Trump win the US presidential election. It is disheartening to see some on the left downplay the significance of the sexual assault charges, as if somehow women’s rights do not matter 🙁

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