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Journey behind the Niagara Falls

The Canadian side of Niagara falls provides this option for tourists to get on a journey behind the Falls.  We opted for it. One has to go through a tunnel and even use a lift to get there.  The view is stunning. We were provided with yellow raincoats as we were standing very close to the falls.  

This video has what we experienced. 

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  1. As a French Canadian born and raised I am ashamed to say I never visited Niagara Falls. But maybe one day I will as I am impressed with these falls that I have seen only on TV. I am happy you visited them. Did you by any chance visit anything else while in Canada?

    • That video clip is quite interesting. May be you can watch it now.

      There was something called ‘Believe it or not’ kind of a museum I think. We also went up a tower for a birds eye view of Canada and all this was years ago.

      And finally you do not have to be ashamed as we Indians do not see as much of what foreigners see of India (lol)

      • Yes Ripley’s believe it or not museum. Have heard of it but again never visited it. Actually I visited a bit of Toronto and Quebec City. Of these two, Quebec City was by far my best visit especially old Quebec with it’s old cobblestones streets and fort with cannons and Ile d’Orleans with its shops selling pottery, hand made quilts etc. Happy to hear you enjoyed your visit to Canada.

        • It was there just for two days but made the best of it. It was October and quite chilly.
          I have quite a few ex colleagues living in Canada and in fact I am just reading a mail I received from one of them (lol)


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