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January 20th Goals

With everything that is going on it would be easy to say, just do whatever would make you happy.  But what is real happiness and where does it come from?

For me, the only place that happiness can come from is a quiet heart. What do I mean by a quiet heart? Push out the stress, relax the body, remove distractions and make choices that make you happy. That is not always an easy task. But today it is my goal. To have some time with a peaceful, quiet heart and to do something that makes me happy.

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  1. I guess to feel happiness, we have to know and appreciate what happiness is. Otherwise, we might believe that we are happy, in circumstances, where I myself would not agree about that.

    Drunken stupors are not happiness, in my book, for example, but they might be in another’s book. Happiness might be something that is relative to the person then, might it?

    What is happiness, where does it come from, from a quiet heart?

    I think that happiness is not something that you can say, there it is, I have got it, nor, there it is not, I have not got it.

    Happiness is more a matter of owning it, because it is the part of our heart that is connected to love.

    Love makes you happy, all other ways to be happy lessen and pale, compared to the happiness that real love gives to you, when you embrace it fully from your heart of love too.

  2. I have so many things I would like to do away from the Internet but with worry and the need to make money I keep being drawn to the PC and I just keep writing. Presently if everything settles down for me I am considering taking Sundays off to just put music on my PC and just enjoy drawing, coloring, and creating something. I think my nerves would greatly appreciate that.

  3. We all need time for ourselves to regenerate. Especially with the stress and events you are going through. You cannot help the others if you are not taking care of yourself.