January 17, 2019 Accountability

It was a great day as far as completing everything on my list. However, it was not the best day for my posts to work and come out the way they should. I am going to try and put the video up again in this post and see if I have better luck today.

The thought that ran through my head was “ suffered a sudden malfunction or irregularity”. Why would I have this definition ingrained in my brain? 

It’s kind of an interesting story. I met a writer, while sitting in a casino waiting for my husband to get done with his fun. I was sitting at a small table writing and a man 89 years of age asked if he could please share the table. He had many stories to tell. His wife stopped by to check on him and he asked if she could run home and grab a copy of a manuscript.

What she brought back was amazing. She brought the original and a copy.  Some of things I recognized as published and some of those handwritten thoughts had never been published. He worked with several writers and this was one of thing they had fussed with and it never made it into the a “story”. 

The phrase was “Oh bother, I suffered a sudden malfunction or irregularity.”

When he gave me the copy of the manuscript he said, “Here is your copy and when I pass away my wife will send you the original. I said there was no need. He insisted that they get my information and address.  About two years later I got the original manuscript certified mail with authentication papers. 

That manuscript is displayed in a very special case in our local library. I still own it. I paid to have the case created to preserve the document as best we could and still share it with the public. 

Thanks for sharing my ramble and let’s see, I can’t put the video from the other post here, but I can put the link.

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