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Jadelicious – poll

Still trying to work out the kinks in my jade texture for the deep one’s dowry so please bear with me. I feel like things are starting to work out, but I will need at least one more pass before I can call it a day

  • which of these textures looks the most like jade?

    • deep jade
    • creamy goodness
    • jff
    • real jade


What do you think?

11 points


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  1. Also I missed to comment the cool guy, I saw the changes and improvements, but I have to say, even though he’s more “perfect” now, he was much more natural in the first edition… Now his face and everything else looks more like made for a computer game (maybe that is not the right expression but I currently can’t find a better one)

  2. I really don’t see almost any difference between all of these you published, like you published the same in 3 or 4 posts… Also, it’s very hard to even compare them when they’re that big (in lists) and there is like 3 lists which look the same. Maybe if they were all in polls and smaller ones but I think even there are the same… I voted some but I will check them out later for the details and to comment

      • WHAT?????????????????????!!!! I thankfully don’t have any vision problems, I’m telling you the way very similar pictures are presented in lists and changed only in small details in two “different” lists that way look the same… (large photos very opaque, in two different lists, very hard to compare that way)

          • I know but it is very hard to compare 2 very similar lists, photos are just not that easy to compare due to their size and place, and then that confusion with polls after each of them… Maybe they are easier to view when in thumbnail polls… Although I was tired at the moment so that also added to it

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