Its Time for God’s Blessings for You! Prophesy from Jesus Christ

Only God knows how to give you an oasis in the dessert. So, now after you have suffered the longsuffering, God will bring His amazing blessings on you right now. It is now that God will show His miraculous hand and will show you Himself face to face.

It is now that He will bring the miraculous door infront of you widely opened to see what He has done for you. You will definitely be amazed at the works of His hands and He will open the door of blessings for you in the wilderness. You are now stepping into the door of amazing blessings and your time starts now.

For a while your suffered and wanted to die, but now you will always want to live forever with the Lord. He will remove His hard hand from your head so that you may receive the softness of His love and compassion. Remember that God can do and will always remain faithful to you. He was faithful and He will always be the same.

Now look at the opened door and take a look at what He had planned for you. Since you were willing to adjust with the wilderness, He never wanted you to settle down with the mediocrity. Now, since you are out of the mediocrity, He has a bigger and brighter plan for you.

Look at the open door and see through it!

If you can see through the opened door, then, Let’s say “Amen” in Jesus Name.

  • Are You Able to See Through The Open Door of Blessings?

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