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Its Not Always About You

I agree that you are important to yourself but what everyone does isn’t always about you. What they do and say maybe more about themselves. Do not take everything everyone says personally. You may not really be in their thoughts as much as you are in yours.

Making it all about you is often the source of all misunderstandings. We need to remember that we live in different worlds.  My reality involves me and those things that concern me, you may not be a part of it. You may at times be involved in some interaction, but that doesn’t mean that I am obsessed with you and everything I say and do is about you.

If we understand this it could reduce a lot of heart ache. People react to things from their reality not yours. You cannot make everyone follow your values or beliefs. If it troubles you then there maybe something in it you have to deal with as a person. Learn to let go and move on. Life is short, there is no place for grudge and bad blood.

Even if they say something about you it is their opinion of you , it may not be a fact. Don’t beat yourself over it.  When You give too much importance to what others say and do, you are driven by their thoughts not yours. It may help to consider this.

It may also be a good idea if you could back track and see if this is what everyone says about you. If that is true then maybe there is a iota of truth in it and you may have to make changes within yourself. Humility is a great virtue, practice it.

Life is short, forgive , move on and live life to the fullest.

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