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It's breakfast time here at Solitaire

Decided to have eggs for breakfast.  I do not use butter on my bread but use ghee while frying eggs.  But sunny side up is not for me.  I just cannot get them up from the pan even though we have a non stick pan. 

I therefore beat up the eggs, add salt and pepper in the beaten up egg and make an omelette.  It is easy to remove it.  What’s the big deal? It has all the nutrients the sunny side up egg has. 

There is no limit how an egg could be eaten – boiled, sunny side up, double friend, omelette………….

  • How do you have your eggs?

    • Sunny side up
    • Double fried
    • Plain Omelette
    • Scrambled eggs
    • Omelette with more ingredients
    • I do not eat eggs


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