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It’s Accountability Time

These cover the following dates September 8th ~ September 12. While I am still on track, I find my struggle is becoming harder each day.  I clearly need a shift. I am just not sure what direction it should take. I guess it is a lot of trial and error! These are the things that were completed.

Pay those bills

 Go to the store

Iron those clothes,(only one basket completed

wash those walls,(only one room completed)

rake those leaves got what was on the ground (or course they are still falling)Try and keep things simple and calm

Get Bro’s beds changed again (we have a new hospital bed for him)

Strive to be hopeful and positive

Give more than I take

Tell people how valuable they are to you and to others.Put the needs of others first and somehow you will be fulfilled.

There were also many failures. Those will have to be added to the list again and I have to forgive myself for not doing them the first time and move ahead. 

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    Are you ever disappointed when you couldn’t finish everything you have planned?

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    Are you very organized?

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  1. I’m not organised at all :p

    I do face quite some uncertainty in my job so,
    disappointment is inevitable …
    I just try harder to make up the next time.

    I like your list, esp those about giving, you can do it!!