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Italy shutdown

An empty waterbus, empty canal, empty classrooms, no one visits the Colosseum, no passengers are seen at railway stations, the streets are empty, no church goers, empty shelves in supermarkets, empty fish market, constructions are at a standstill…… It is a total closure. In the image is a professor recording his lessons to stream it online for his students

  It was too much for me looking at those images as I have been to Italy at a time it was buzzing with activity.

This link has the images–062800296.html

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  1. Hopefully they will deal with this much faster, both in Italy and here in Spain, where the measures are also very strict. This could be done without such rigorous measures, but unfortunately our responsibility was not at the required high level. We accepted this threat without stopping to travel and the breeders spread the infection. My personal view is that governments have been late in taking strict measures.

  2. I hope this will keep everyone in Italy safe. I was upset hearing that an emergency had been declared by Latvia. My stepdaughter and her family are there. Latvian medical systems leave a lot to be desired and I am sure they are no up to fighting this virus. SIGH


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