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It Took Seven Days!

Seven days! It took seven days! Yes! It took seven days for the admins to moderate my post. I kept posting anyway until I have submitted seven posts waiting under ‘Pending’.  Four out of the seven posts were approved today. And at the moment, one is 5 days old already and two are four days old.

I could have posted more, or at least once a day. But to tell you frankly, I got discouraged AGAIN. I thought of taking a leave of absence from this site for who knows how long.

I love the community on this site, that’s why I stayed. And perhaps I will stay a little longer. But I need to spend more time on other things where I can augment my income. So I am giving this site one more chance before I decide to take a break again.

I hope the admins will do their part better, people are already leaving this site. ;(

  • Do you have to wait for days before your posts are approved?

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    • I did not know about this verification. I checked my settings and did not see anything about it. There was a time I became inactive since I can’t log in using my twitter. When I came back, I was surprised to see that the log in process has changed. But I don’t remember receiving any notice about verification.

      I did receive an email from an admin encouraging me to get back to virili, though.

    • Yup. I was here when admin Natalie was active. Actually, she used to be the one who approves my posts regularly.

      She was so consistent in her work I even knew that if I submit beyond a certain time, my post will not be approved until the next day.

      In those days my posts are approved mostly within a day.

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