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It is OK to report SPAM and Offensive Comments on your posts!

I’ve gotten a couple of Private Messages recently, and Carol posted about the SPAM messages that have plagued the site this weekend. Here is the reality – if you select a report, you lose the Viril you go from the SPAM post, but in the long run, you help make our community a better place. The same by the way is true with comments that are offensive or directed at another user. I don’t know the don’t downvote and don’t report rude comments concept came from, but you are well within your rights as an author to report any comments.

1. If a comment attacks you as a person – report it.

2. If a comment is clearly spam (such as the HTML posts this weekend) report it

3. If you find a post to be incorrect, notify the author and downvote it!

We are a powerful community. We are also a community. Each of us must have a voice!

From the site administrators – if you use the foul or profane language, they will ban you from the site for some time.

Please note, report all the SPAM comments you see. We, as a community, must help the admin team. We don’t want the admin team of the site to spend time chasing comments and problems like this. We want them working on improving the site overall. We got a dashboard update very early in July (let’s see if there is an end of July update). We, as a community, sent a note to the Admin team, letting them know what we thought would greatly improve our community and site!

Remember – our Virily community starts and ends with you. You are the community!

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    Have you gotten the SPAM comments this weekend?

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    Has anyone every posted a comment attacking you as a person?

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  1. I am sorry you didn’t read the post before commenting. The site admins did, in fact, inform me that offensive comments would not be tolerated.

    The second piece, about comments that offend clearly, shows that it is my opinion (since the line starts with it is well within your rights to remove any comment.

    Since this piece was specifically written for authors, the relevance of the user that posted the offensive comment doesn’t fit. The author has to choose to remove or not remove any comments they deem offensive. If they do, they will lose Virils.

  2. both of these are strong arguments for user deletes. and since, as you’ve already called out, the user will forfeit the virlis for any comment they delete, the user will be reluctant to abuse this privilege

    but that’s just my assessment


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